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Battling the Orange Invasion through our Dulux Accreditation

Render, commonly used as an exterior wall finish, not only adds aesthetic appeal to residential homes but also serves as a protective barrier. However, one common issue that homeowners may encounter is render rust. Rust stains can appear on the rendered surfaces, marring the visual appeal and indicating potential underlying problems.

Render Rust can result from 1 or multiple causes including:

  1. Metal Components: Rust stains on render can occur when metal components, such as nails, screws, or fittings embedded within the wall, begin to corrode over time. The rust then migrates to the surface of the render, leaving unsightly stains.
  2. Moisture Intrusion: Water penetration through cracks, gaps, or faulty sealants can reach the metal components present within the wall. The continuous presence of moisture can accelerate the corrosion process, leading to rust stains on the render.
  3. Poorly Formulated Renders: Renders with inadequate waterproofing properties or low resistance to moisture can absorb water, promoting rust formation on the embedded metal components.

Diagnosing any specific cause of render rust can be complex and may include several questions and a site visit to understand the specific environment that has allowed the rust to form.


That’s why. When our clients in enquired about painting over some “strange orange marks” on their render, we knew that a call to our Avista Rep was essential to correctly diagnose and treat the rust prior to paint.

During his consultation our rep found that there was an unusually high amount of iron in the sand used to formulate the render and that treatment including correctly encapsulating the rust prior to painting was needed to arrest further rust development.

Alternatively, if had painting occurred without correct diagnose and problem solving the rust would have continued to bleed through the paint.

By understanding the causes of render rust and implementing effective remedies, homeowners can restore the beauty of their rendered surfaces while preventing further damage. Regular maintenance, proper drainage, and timely repairs are essential in preserving the longevity and aesthetic appeal of render finishes.

Remember, seeking professional advice, when necessary, can provide invaluable insights to address the root causes and prevent future occurrences of render rust in your residential property.

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